Our commitment regarding
sustainable development

FSC® certification

To Groupe Crête, adhering to the highest standards in terms of forestry management is the focus of our business philosophy. Regarding this, being certified by the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) is a great source of pride for the managers and the employees. With its FSC® certification, Groupe Crête is committed to make sure the forests of Quebec are regenerating and can fulfil their duty as the lungs of our planet.

FSC® certification is an international certification and labelling system dedicated to the promotion of a responsible management of the forests on our planet. That means our forests are evaluated based upon strict environmental and social standards of the FSC®.

The FSC® enables businesses and customers to make informed choices regarding the forest products they buy, and we induce positive changes in order to keep our forests healthy for the upcoming generations …

Sustainable development as our top priority

Groupe Crête also adheres to the three pillars of sustainable development, namely: the respect and valorisation of the environment, the economic development, and the social development.

1. Valorisation of the environment:

– Respect of the wildlife habitat and the fauna;
– Reforestation;
– Selective logging;
– Respect of timber licences.

2. Economic development:

– Stability regarding rural employment;
– Economic benefits on the local and regional scales.

3. Social development:

– Harmonious relationship with local communities;
– Workforce training.

Proactive approach for a sound management of forest resources

The forests in Quebec constitute a common wealth, and their survival is essential to the continuation of our company. We firmly believe that a sound and responsible management of our forests is an inherent component of the profitability of our practice. Therefore, in order to improve constantly our forest operations, we proactively act to protect and fuel the forest development. Our forestry team regularly visits each site for which we have lumber licences to ensure that the forest regenerates adequately.

Our forest operations are carefully planned and executed in cooperation with stakeholders, from the elaboration of the cutover plans to the harvesting of trees in the forest. The harvesting is organized strategically according to the needs in lumber from the markets we serve. This crucial step of our operation is made with respect to the natural dynamic of forests, with our focus on ensuring the sustainability of the resources.