Public forests

Groupe Crête’s factories hold Supply Guarantees (GA) granted by the Quebec Government. These supply contracts allow us to harvest a predetermined amount of wood on public lands. These contracts are also accompanied by obligations for the redevelopment of the forest. As a result, there is a series of clauses that oblige forestry companies, such as Groupe Crête, to carry out forest work that will allow the forest to regenerate according to pre-established criteria in terms of species, quantity and quality. The goal is essentially to ensure the sustainability of the forest.

Beyond the regulations and the legislative framework to which Groupe Crête complies with, we strongly believe in adopting and promoting the best practices in forest resource management. That’s why Groupe Crête is a benchmark in the industry for its practices, which include the following:

Rigorous planning of acceptable forest practices;

Use of appropriate and well maintained machinery;

Use of the latest technologies;

Hiring a qualified workforce;

Continuous training of the workforce;

Redevelopment to ensure the future of the resources;

Taking into consideration the other users of the forest.

Groupe Crête activities related to timber supply guarantees take place in the Lanaudière, Laurentian, Mauricie and Outaouais regions.


For Groupe Crête, it is essential to comply with the highest standards of forest management. In this regard, obtaining Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) certification is a great source of pride for Crête’s management team and its employees.

Who is the Forest Stewardship Council? The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It was created in 1993 by a representative group of various organizations from 25 countries. In addition, these organizations include environmental, social, timber trade and forestry industry groups.

The FSC has developed Principles and Criteria for Forest Management (FSC P & C) that determine what constitutes good forest management. Forest whose management is independently assessed and complies with P & C can be certified as well managed according to the FSC. All FSC certification projects must involve national and international stakeholders.

Groupe Crête is committed to putting in place the best efforts to highlight compliance with legal and environmental requirements related to sustainable forest management. As a result, we are committed to promoting the purchase of certified products according to the FSC certification program

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