Public forests

Groupe Crête’s factories are holders of Garanties d’Approvisionnement (supply guarantees) distributed by the Government of Quebec. These supply contracts authorize us to harvest a predetermined volume of wood in public forests. These contracts also come with obligations concerning forest management. Therefore, there are clauses binding logging companies, such as Groupe Crête, to carry out required forestry activities to regenerate the forest according to predefined criteria in terms of species, quantity and quality. The goal is essentially to ensure a future for our forest resources.

In addition to the regulations and legislative framework followed with great care by Groupe Crête, we always had as a philosophy to use and promote the best practices regarding forest resources management. This is why Groupe Crête is a reference in the industry for its exemplary practices, which are translated by the following actions:

– Rigorous planning of interventions;
– Use of appropriate and well maintained machinary;
– Implementing of the most recent technologies;
– Hiring of a qualified workforce;
– Continued training of the workforce;
– Redevelopment to ensure the future of the ressources;
– Taking into consideration the other users of the forest.

Groupe Crête’s activities related to timber supply guarantees are executed in the Lanaudière, Laurentides, Mauricie and Outaouais regions.

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