With a rich history of success and innovation since 1949, Groupe Crête has become a leader in the lumber and exterior siding sector in all of North America. Our reputation is the result of nearly seventy years of practice based on values such as respect, integrity, teamwork and a sense of responsibility, towards our business partners, our employees as well as to the community.


Through our expertise, Groupe Crête remains a successful company in the Quebec softwood processing industry, a renewable natural resource. Thus, our products are constantly adapted to our customers’ requirements, thanks in particular to our flexibility and innovations.

We develop innovative, environment friendly products, thereby generating value in the environments in which we operate, for local communities, for our clients and for our employees.

Groupe Crête in numbers

2 plants in Quebec: One in Chertsey in the Lanaudière region and one in St-Faustin-Lac-Carré in the Laurentians. Both factories are part of the select group of the 5 most optimized factories in Quebec;

325 jobs in the Lanaudière and Laurentides regions, including forest operation and transport;

70 %: Volume of production towards the local market;

2008: Groupe Crête obtains FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council®) certification;

65 millions MPP: Processing capacity on one shift in the Chertsey plant;

75 million MPP: Processing capacity on one shift in the St-Faustin plant.


Early days…

The Crête family made their debut in softwood sawing in the Mauricie region in 1949, evolving within the company founded by Gérard Crête, Gérard Crête et fils inc. The company experienced strong growth and quickly emerged as a major economic driver for the Mauricie region, where most of its plants were located. In 1970, the company expanded its activities to the United States under the name of Pleasant River Lumber Inc., where it operated a softwood processing plant in the state of Maine.

A wind of change

In September 2006, Gérard Crête et fils is sold to Kruger inc. Groupe Crête inc. is then created, with Martin Crête as president. His son Mr. Sébastien Crête assumes the position of General Director. During the summer of 2009, Groupe Crête acquires the Jean Riopel Inc. sawmill located in Chertsey and, in March 2011, the St-Faustin-based softwood processing plant. In 2012, both plants access the select group of the 5 most optimized factories in Quebec.

In January 2015, Sébastien takes over from his father as president of Groupe Crête.

Groupe Crête today

Today, Groupe Crête is a leader in the field of value-added wood processing. Groupe Crête inc. currently has two subsidiaries, Groupe Crête Chertsey inc. and Groupe Crête division St-Faustin inc.

As a leading economic engine, Groupe Crête maintains 325 jobs in the Laurentian and Lanaudière region. Its products are mainly destined for the Quebec market, but are also sold in Ontario and the United States.


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